How Three Members of My Family Recovered from Coronavirus Infection

My daughter-in-law has been very vigilant in protecting herself from the coronavirus after her company was ordered to re-open. She always wears a face mask at work, frequently washes her hands, brings her own lunch, and when she is back home, she disinfects all her clothes, and carefully washes her hair and face. She does all this meticulously, with patience.

Even so, she felt unwell on February 25 after she got back home from work. She was running a low fever at 37.8°C,aching all over her body, and feeling very weak.

The next day, my son and my 4-year-old grandson started to show similar symptoms as well. My son also started coughing. My grandson was no longer joyful and lost his appetite. He lay on his stomach on the sofa, and when I called him to play, he told me he was too tired to play. They didn’t tell me anything at the time because they didn’t want me to get worried.

In the afternoon, all three of them could not get up after a nap.

Seeing the anxious look on my son’s face, I sensed that there must be something wrong, so I asked him what was happening.

Only then did my daughter-in-law tell me about their conditions. I said to them, “Don’t worry. Get off bed, all of you. Let’s recite ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ together. You will all pull through. Don’t you worry!”

I led my grandson to recite the two phrases and showed him a video of little Dafa disciples singing songs. He liked it very much and sang along: Little Dafadisciples, their hearts smiling, with lotus flowers, putting hands together with sincerity, sending greetings to Master!

I showed the book Zhuan Falun to my daughter-in-law, and she read the first section in lecture one attentively.

My grandson was fully recovered by bedtime that night. He was playing joyfully as usual. My daughter-in-law also felt well and returned to work two days later. My son’s symptoms gradually disappeared too. He was able to go to work with peace of mind, and he always carries a Dafa amulet with him.

I later asked my little grandson how he got well so quickly. “Because Master is taking care of me! How wonderful we have Master to take care of us!” he said happily with a big smile on his face.

Under Master’s protection, three members of my family got through the danger safely.

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