Chapter One: The Specter’s Strategies for Destroying Humanity

The specter of communism did not disappear with the disintegration of the Communist Party in Eastern Europe

The communist specter’s scheme to destroy humanity has been in the works for centuries. Its arrangements manifest in the labyrinth of social affairs — from mass movements to governing elites, around the world and across history — working ceaselessly to ensnare and eliminate man.

1. The Corruption of Human Thought

In today’s world, the criteria for discerning good and evil have been inverted. Righteousness is cast as wickedness and vice as compassion. Sinister concepts are disguised as “science,” and gangster logic is masked as “social justice.” “Political correctness” is used to impose thought control, and the notion of “value neutrality” is used to render people insensitive to brutal atrocities.

a. The Deception of Atheism

Man was created by the divine, and the faithful receive divine protection. To sever the connection between man and gods, the specter’s agents spread atheism to undermine faith.

In the 1850s, the German materialist philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said that God is merely a projection of man’s inner nature. The socialist anthem, “The Internationale,” claims that there has never been any Creator. But human moral standards, culture, social structure, and rational thinking all come from the divine. In the tumultuous currents of history, faith in gods is like a strong anchor line, keeping humanity from being lost to the waves.

Atheism is the first step toward mankind’s destruction. It lures the arrogant into playing God and attempting to control the fates of others and society; the most fanatical communists are wont to self-deification. Reflecting on the bloodshed of the French Revolution, which overturned the monarchy and clergy, British philosopher Edmund Burke said, “When men play God, presently they behave like devils.”

b. The Fallacy of Materialism

Mind and matter exist simultaneously. The core tenet of Marxism is dialectical materialism, which denies the existence of the soul. Materialism took root during the Industrial Revolution, when rapid progress in science, technology, and production fueled a cult of empiricism and atheism. People lost faith in divine miracles and rejected the commandments of God.

Materialism is not a philosophical concept, but a demonic weapon to overthrow man’s spiritual faith. It is a product of atheism that, in turn, established the basis for a whole host of intellectual pretensions.

c. The Blasphemy of Evolution

Darwin’s theory of evolution is a flawed hypothesis that has been discredited by many scientists. However, its crude arguments have been widely used as an instrument for distancing man from gods. It equates humanity with animals, at once undermining man’s self-respect and his reverence for divine creation. The twentieth century saw the theory of evolution take over the spheres of research and education, and creationism was banned from the classroom.

From Darwin’s original theory came the pernicious philosophy of social Darwinism. The concepts of “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest” reduced the community of nations to a jungle of barbaric struggle.

d. The Cult of Science

Armed with empiricism and scientism, the specter has promoted the cult of science to replace human reason with “scientific rationality.” People are led to believe in only what can be seen and felt tangibly, reinforcing the atheist worldview.

The contemporary scientific community dismisses all phenomena it cannot explain or verify by its methods as superstition and pseudoscience or ignores them entirely. Science has become a type of secular religion used to repress faith and morality. Aiming to dominate academic thought and the education system, it inundates those fields with atheist theories.

e. The Ideology of Struggle

The dialectical theory articulated by German philosopher Georg Hegel is a general set of principles for logical thought. Thinkers in ancient China had worked out these principles during the era prior to the Qin imperial dynasty (221 B.C.–206 B.C.).

Marxism absorbed select aspects of Hegel’s work while exaggerating the nature of dialectical conflict. In the words of Chinese republican leader Chiang Kai-shek, the goal of communism is not to resolve problems, but “to expand global contradictions to the greatest extent possible and cause human struggle to continue forever.”

As seen countless times in practice, communism incites hatred among people, creates and escalates conflicts, and ultimately seizes power through violent revolution or subterfuge.

f. Intellectual Corruption

The intellectual class once comprised the wisest and most knowledgeable elites of society. Yet in the past century, this class has become a tool for promoting communist ideology and deviant interpretations of the world.

Atheism and materialism spawned many philosophical and ideological trends, such as Marxism, Machiavellianism, socialism, nihilism, anarchism, aestheticism, Freudism, modernism, existentialism, postmodernism, and deconstructivism. Their proponents and followers indulged in meaningless and verbose discourse over matters of genuine import.

g. Adulterated Language

Like Newspeak, the fictitious language created by the Oceanian superstate of George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, these intellectuals reshaped language to suit the specter’s goals. Thus, “freedom” means a state unrestrained by morality, law, or tradition. Values such as “all men are created equal,” “all men are equal before the law,” and “equal opportunity” have been distorted into absolute egalitarianism. Tolerance has been twisted to mean tolerance of all sorts of warped thought and conduct. Rational thinking has been made a tool of narrow-minded empirical science. In the pursuit of equality of outcome, justice has become “social justice.”

Language is the instrument of thought. Through deviated definitions and nuances of language, man’s thoughts are channeled toward demonic conclusions.

2. The Subversion of Traditional Culture

Mankind’s orthodox culture was imparted by gods. While maintaining the normal operation of human society, the most important role of divinely inspired culture is to provide a means for humanity to understand the divine law taught in the final epoch and to be saved from elimination.

Divinely inspired culture provides strong moral cautions against evil, so the specter cuts people off from their traditions and destroys their cultures, using covert means. To abolish the traditional outlook toward life and moral values, the specter invented many lofty-sounding goals, guiding people to spend their lives in struggle and to sacrifice themselves for these warped “ideals.”

a. Degraded Education

For thousands of years, traditional education preserved and passed on mankind’s exquisite culture. It assumed the guiding role for people to be compassionate, maintain their virtue, master professional skills, and be good people and citizens. Beginning in the nineteenth century, systems of free public education were established in Western countries.

However, at the start of the twentieth century, public schools began indoctrinating students against tradition and morality. The theory of evolution became required learning. Textbooks were slowly filled with atheism, materialism, and class struggle. Traditional culture, exemplified by the great literary classics, was at odds with the demonic ideological current and was incrementally marginalized. Intelligent and thoughtful students were indoctrinated with left-wing ideology, thus squandering their brilliance in the pursuit of non-issues and leaving them unversed in the essentials of life and society.

Prolonged class hours separated children from their parents and families, ensuring continuous exposure to the degenerated education system. Under the slogan of “independent thinking,” students were encouraged to break with tradition and despise their parents and teachers, educating them to be anti-tradition and anti-authority. Academic standards were gradually lowered, impacting students’ mathematical and literary ability. They were fed “politically correct” narratives on history and social studies and were immersed in vulgar entertainment.

In communist countries, students are brainwashed with leftist ideology from kindergarten through higher education in a virtually secluded environment. When they graduate and enter society, their minds are full of twisted logic.

b. Degenerate Art

Upright traditional arts came from gods and first appeared in temples, churches, and other places of worship. True art presents truthfulness, kindness, beauty, and honor, thus helping humanity maintain an orthodox moral culture.

Degenerate art destroys traditional culture. Impressionism was introduced to visual arts with the pretense of “presenting reality.” Likewise, realism and naturalism were introduced to literature, displacing the moral lessons depicted in classical works. Expressionism, abstract art, modernism, postmodernism, and the like were promoted under the guise of “innovation” and taking a “critical” view of reality. The sublime, noble, and pure were ridiculed, while the vulgar and shameless were lauded.

Garbage has occupied the halls of art. Cacophonous beats and obscene noise are now called music. Dark, sinister paintings depict things of the netherworld. Moral boundaries are broken under the guise of performance art. Many youths are diehard fans of degenerate celebrities.

c. Media Control

Controlling people’s sources of information, principally the mass media, makes it possible to deceive them. In countries where communism wields political power, the media is a propaganda machine run by the communist party. Elsewhere, unrestricted freedom of expression serves to bury serious reporting and discussion in an avalanche of fake news, vulgar content, and trivial sensationalism.

Lured by financial incentives and political motives, the media has become a tool for hijacking public opinion. Most people, occupied with personal business and their own interests, are unable to discern the relevant issues and facts amid the deluge of information. The voices of the few who possess the wisdom and courage to identify this conspiracy are drowned out and marginalized, allowing them to have no impact on the overall picture.

d. Pornography, Gambling, and Drugs

Degenerate lifestyles, sexual freedom, and homosexuality abound. Gambling and drugs create a population of addicts. Youth are glued to electronic devices and video games filled with violence, suggestive images, outright pornography, and other abominations.

e. Corrupting Traditional Professions

Mankind’s traditional professions were established by gods, and keeping these traditions alive serves to reinforce the divine roots of human culture. Today, demonic influences are everywhere in the professional world. New and trendy innovations undermine traditional standards of workmanship and business ethics. Many age-old trades have been allowed to die out. Depraved creations play to consumers’ base desires and are rewarded with fame and profit, filling the world with eccentric and degenerate trends. Alienated from their traditional ways of life, people drift further from the divine.

3. The Breakdown Society

Communism derives its organization and ideology from those of gangs and cults. In the East, communism is represented by party leaders such as Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Jiang Zemin, and their followers. The situation in the West is more complex, as powerful elites in fields such as government, business, academia, and religion scheme to undermine society.

a. Eroding the Church

Once-upright religions have been infused with the secular religion of socialism. Traditional teachings and the holy scriptures have been altered. Liberation theology has infused an otherwise upright faith with Marxist ideology and class struggle, and moral perversion has spread among the clergy. Consequently, many believers have lost hope in the church and have given up faith in divine salvation.

b. Disintegrating the Family

Family, nation, and religion are among the divine cornerstones of human civilization. The family is an important bastion of morality and tradition and serves as a conduit for culture to be passed from one generation to the next. Destroying the family is a key part of the devil’s plan to eradicate humankind.

Traditional family and gender roles are undermined by feminism, anti-patriarchy, sexual liberation, and the promotion of homosexuality. Cohabitation, adultery, divorce, and abortion are encouraged.

c. Totalitarianism in the East

Russia was weakened by its defeats in World War I, forcing the czar to abdicate. Communist revolutionaries seized this opportunity to launch the 1917 October Revolution to usurp power. Following that, the Soviet Union, the world’s first socialist regime, was created, and the Communist International was formed to export revolution worldwide.

In 1919 and 1921, communist parties were established in the United States and China, with both taking their orders from Soviet Russia. Backed by the Soviet Union and taking advantage of the ravages of World War II, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took over China through violence and treachery.

Upon seizing power, both the Soviet and Chinese communist parties ruthlessly slaughtered tens of millions of their own people in times of peace. The CCP continued the course of revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat and launched the unprecedented Cultural Revolution, declaring war on the achievements of human civilization and launching a savage assault on China’s five thousand years of traditional culture.

Since the 1980s, the CCP has introduced economic reforms to stave off collapse, but the political sphere has remained under strict totalitarian control. To this day, the Party maintains its tight grip on power through campaigns of suppression, such as the crackdown on the democracy movement and the persecution of the spiritual discipline Falun Gong.

d. Infiltrating the West

China’s imperial court, the Western divine right of kings, and the American system of checks and balances are forms of government established by gods for humans according to their unique cultures and environments. Though communist revolutions have failed to take power in Western countries, left-wing ideology has succeeded in establishing control via subversion, bringing the specter of communism to the free world. Without violent revolution, Western countries have broadly adopted various characteristics of the communist system, such as heavy taxation, bloated welfare states, expanded government control, and “political correctness.”

e. Perverting the Law

Law originates from divine commandment and is founded on morality. However, twisted understandings of morality and freedom have influenced the formulation and interpretation of laws. In communist countries of the East, the law exists to do the party’s bidding. In the West, the law is interpreted through leftist ideology and modified to uproot moral concepts of good and evil. This provides safe harbor for vices such as murder, adultery, and homosexuality, while punishing upstanding citizens.

f. Financial Manipulation

Abolishing the gold standard and adopting a fluctuating fiat currency has caused perennial economic crises. The traditional wisdom that governs sustainable finance has lost relevance, trapping governments and individuals alike in a culture of overconsumption and excessive spending. Banks and the state encourage citizens to borrow endlessly. As a result, prodigious government debt undermines national sovereignty in many countries.

g. World Government

The communist specter has used globalization as a tool to gradually break down the sovereignty of individual nations and establish a world government. The advocates of world government have promoted the utopian prospects of organizations like the League of Nations and the United Nations, and catchphrases like “regional integration” and “world government.”

However, the specter coerces leaders and nations into following its directives. It robs people of their peace and security by engineering war and social upheaval. The aim is to bring the whole world under one totalitarian regime and impose tight administrative, ideological, and population control.

4. Engineered Social Upheaval

In order to topple traditional human society, the specter has driven mass immigration, social movements, and societal upheaval on a massive scale. This astounding process has been underway for at least several centuries.

a. Warfare

War is one of the specter’s most effective tools for breaking down the old international order, destroying bastions of tradition, and accelerating the development of communist ideology. Many wars were waged under demonic influence. World War I brought about the collapse of several European empires, chiefly czarist Russia, which paved the way for the Bolshevik Revolution.

World War II provided the conditions for the Chinese Communist Party to seize power and for the Soviet Union to invade Eastern Europe, thereby establishing the postwar socialist camp.

World War II also created the disorder of decolonization, which the Soviet and Chinese communist regimes exploited to support the worldwide communist movement. National-liberation movements placed many countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America in the socialist camp.

b. Revolution

Seizing political power is one of the key steps in communism’s plan to destroy humanity. Summarizing the lessons learned from the Paris Commune, Karl Marx wrote that the working class must overthrow the original government apparatus and replace it with its own state. Power is always the core issue of Marxist political theory.

The instigation of revolution can be divided into the following steps:

1. Foment hatred and discord among the people.
2. Deceive the public with lies and establish a revolutionary united front.
3. Defeat the forces of resistance one at a time.
4. Use violence to create an atmosphere of terror and chaos.
5. Launch a coup to seize power.
6. Suppress the reactionaries.
7. Build and maintain a new order using the terror of revolution.

The communist countries attempted to launch a world revolution via the Communist International, exporting revolutionary activism and creating unrest in non-communist states by supporting local leftists.

c. Economic Crisis

Economic crises can be created and utilized as a means of encouraging revolution or casting socialist movements as saviors. When politicians in democratic countries find themselves desperate for solutions, they make Faustian bargains, gradually steering their countries toward big government and high-tax socialism. As Saul Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals, “The real action is in the enemy’s reaction.”

The Great Depression of the 1930s was the key juncture at which Europe and the United States embarked on the path to big government and widespread interventionism. The financial crisis of 2008 continued tipping the scales in favor of expanding leftist policies.

d. Alienating People From Their Roots

Since antiquity, people have moved from one place to another. However, the massive domestic and international population movements seen in modern times are the result of the specter’s manipulation. Mass immigration dissolves national identity, borders, sovereignty, cultural traditions, and social cohesion.

As masses of people are removed from their traditional identities, they are more easily absorbed into the drift of modernity. It is difficult for immigrants living in an unfamiliar environment to secure their livelihood, let alone participate deeply in their host countries’ political processes or cultural traditions.

Newly arrived immigrants are easily recruited as free votes for leftist parties. Meanwhile, immigration creates ripe conditions for stirring up racial and religious animosities.

e. Hijacking Social Movements

Communism makes use of social trends to inflame and agitate people, escalate conflicts, and mobilize colossal movements to destabilize society, bludgeon its political opponents, dominate discourse, and appear to seize the moral high ground. Examples include the anti-war movement, environmentalism, and other movements in Western society.

f. Terrorism

Communist revolutions succeed through acts of terror, and communist regimes implement policies of state terrorism. The Soviet and Chinese communists supported terrorist groups as a kind of task force against the free world. Most terrorist movements take inspiration from the Leninist organizational model. Communism exploits divisions between people and channels the rage of individuals into collective hatred.

The irrationality that drives terrorists to slaughter innocent people creates an atmosphere of helplessness. Exposed to many incidents of wanton violence, people become more antisocial, depressed, paranoid, and cynical. All this damages public order and fragments society, making it easier for communism to gain power.

5. The Divide-and-Conquer Strategy

The communist specter handles people according to their different characteristics and motivations. It may have them murdered or bribed, or indoctrinate them to serve as the pawns of revolution and rebellion.

a. Exterminating Dissent

Some people are wiser and more perceptive than others. Some are closer to the divine and not susceptible to the devil’s trickery. Especially in countries like China, which has a long and rich history, it is difficult to get people to go along with the deception.

To do so, the Chinese Communist Party had to launch a series of political campaigns that slaughtered tens of millions of people. It broke down the cultural order by killing the elites who served as the custodians of traditional Chinese culture.

The communist specter does not hesitate to physically liquidate the discerning members of society who see through its conspiracy and are brave enough to stand out by resisting. To this end, it arranges political campaigns, religious persecutions, show trials, and assassinations.

b. Roping In the Elites

Elites across all nations and industries have taken up a demonic way as the specter plays to their interests and endows them with power according to how closely they follow its agenda. For those who seek fame and influence, the specter gives them reputation and authority. For the greedy, it arranges profits. It inflates the egos of the arrogant and maintains the bliss of the ignorant. The gifted are seduced with science, materialism, and unrestricted freedom of expression.

Individuals with lofty ambitions and good intentions have their ideals turned into self-glorification, making them feel the warm glow of being presidents, prime ministers, think-tank scholars, policymakers, administrators, big-shot bankers, professors, experts, Nobel laureates, and the like, with outstanding social status, political influence, and vast fortunes. Once established, these great personalities are co-opted, each according to his or her circumstances. All of them become the specter’s ignorant agents and useful idiots.

c. Dumbing Down the Masses

Communist ideology manipulates public knowledge by employing fake narratives, deluding people with its warped educational system, and controlling the mass media. It uses people’s sense of security and shallow interests to make people care only about their immediate interests, vulgar entertainment, competitive sports, social gossip, and indulgence in erotic and carnal desire. At the same time, politicians cater to the lowest common denominators to undermine voters’ vigilance and judgment, and thus capture the electorate.

In totalitarian communist countries, the people are never allowed to have anything to do with politics. In democratic countries, those concerned with the public good have their attention diverted to trivial issues (such as transsexual rights), echoing the famous stratagem from ancient Chinese military history: “advancing via a hidden route while repairing the plankways in the open.” Viral news, social sensations, and even terrorist attacks and wars are arranged as cover for communism’s ultimate goal.

The public is inculcated with a modern consciousness and mobilized to overpower the minority of people who stubbornly hold to tradition. Intellectuals levy heavy criticism of folk cultures around the world, fostering narrow-minded prejudice among their undiscerning audiences. The concepts of critical and creative thinking are abused to pit the younger generation against authority, preventing them from absorbing the knowledge and wisdom of traditional culture.

d. Organizing Mobs

In communist countries, after slaughtering the bearers of traditional culture, the bulk of the population was indoctrinated to participate in revolution. After the Communist Party took power in China, it took two and a half decades to nurture a generation of “wolf cubs,” a Chinese term for those who grew up under communism and were indoctrinated to hate and kill class enemies. They were encouraged to fight, smash, rob, and burn indiscriminately.

During the Cultural Revolution, teenage girls readily beat their teachers to death. Today, internet trolls known as the 50 Cent Army  actively work on different social media in China, constantly writing about beating and killing, with typical posts like these: “Recover the Diaoyu Islands even if China is laid to waste,” and “We would rather China be peppered with graves than fail to exterminate the last Japanese.” Their murderous sentiment is actively cultivated by the Chinese Communist Party.

In the West, communist parties proudly harken to the experience of the French Revolution and the Paris Commune. Every revolution and insurrection has been introduced by mobs that had no scruples, no shame, and no compassion.

e. Hastening Generational Replacement

The older generation is being marginalized and removed from society at an accelerated pace. As young people are endowed with ever more rights, political power, and privileges, the elderly lose their positions of authority and prestige, speeding up mankind’s break with tradition.

Contemporary literature, arts, and popular culture are all geared to the tastes and values of the young, who are under pressure to pursue the latest trends in fashion lest they be ostracized by their peers. Rapid scientific and technological progress renders the elderly unable to keep up and adapt to the massive social changes that occur as a result.

The transformation of urban and rural spheres combined with mass immigration work together to alienate the elderly and estrange them from the present. The torment and helplessness of their solitude are exacerbated by the reality of modern life, where the young are in a constant state of competition and have little time to spare for their parents and elders.

f. Fragmenting Society

In traditional human society, people help each other. When there are conflicts, they have religion, morality, laws, and folk customs to facilitate resolution and cooperation. Such an organic society cannot be made to collapse in a short period of time. It must first be broken up into atomized units, dissolving the traditional reliance between individuals and alienating them from each other.

Virtually every conceivable standard has been used to divide society into opposing groups and instigate hatred and struggle among them. Class, sex, race, ethnicity, and religious denomination can all serve as a basis for division. Communism and other ideologies influenced by the specter magnify the animosity between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, the rulers and the ruled, progressives and “regressives,” liberals and conservatives — all while the government expands its powers to build an unstoppable totalitarian state.

6. Deception and Defense

Just as a criminal tries to destroy evidence of his wrongdoing, the specter of communism has concealed itself well. It is hard to fathom the scale of its deceptions.

a. Open Conspiracy

The specter’s most diabolical schemes are carried out in broad daylight, where they are presented as sensible, reasonable, and legal. They are so pervasive that it is difficult to expose these schemes for what they are. At times, certain aspects of the specter’s agenda are revealed, only to deflect attention and scrutiny away from the greater conspiracy.

b. Camouflaged Action

During the Cold War, the world was divided between two military and political camps. Yet, while their social systems appeared to be diametrically opposed, the same demonic process was taking place on both sides in different forms.

Many revisionist Western-style communists, socialists, Fabianists, liberals, and progressives publicly rejected the Soviet and Chinese models, but their efforts led society on a path toward a social structure no different from those of the Soviet Union and China. In plain terms, the communist specter used the totalitarian East as a diversion for the active infiltration of the West.

c. Demonizing the Opposition

Those who dare to expose the specter’s scheme are labeled “conspiracy theorists,” “extremists,” “far-right,” “alt-right,” “sexists,” “racists,” “warmongers,” “bigots,” “Nazis,” “fascists,” and other terms of abuse meant to isolate and marginalize them from academia and broader society. After they are made into objects of segregation, ridicule, and fear, their ideas gain no audience and their presence gains no influence.

d. Deflecting Scrutiny

People are conditioned to oppose and hate certain ethnicities, groups, and individuals, drawing attention away from the evils of the communist specter.

e. Capturing the Majority

It is impossible for all of humanity to be taken in by the specter’s deception. But communism has gained influence over the majority of people and their leaders, effectively bringing the world under the specter’s control.

In light of the general strategies outlined above, the following chapters of this book examine in detail how the specter of communism is ruling our world, and what mankind must do to avoid ultimate destruction at the specter’s hands.

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